Frequently Asked Questions


What are preserved flowers and how do I care for them?

Not to be confused with dried flowers, they are 100% real flowers that last up to 3 years (when cared for properly). They do not wilt, but deteriorate over time.

  1. Keep them indoors
    Elements like humidity, wind and dust may affect the life span of these preserved flowers. 
  2. Keep the flowers in a cool, dry place
    Avoid placing them by the kitchen or near the window, sunlight and water accelerate their degradation as well.
  3. Avoid crushing, pressing or folding of petals
    They are different from petals of a dried flower. Petals of preserved flowers are similar to those of real flowers, veined and smooth to the touch.
  4. If dusty, use a dry cool air stream (on your hair dryer) from a distance, or use a small brush to gently sweep off the dust
What should I do if my glass dome looks dusty or fogged up?

The best way to clean the glass is to wash it with lukewarm water or with dishwashing soap, and wipe dry. Always be gentle when removing and putting back the glass dome. Ensure that the glass dome does not come into contact with any of the flowers while you are removing or putting it back as it can cause damage to the flowers if not done so properly.

How do I care for dried flowers?

Although dried flowers (used as foliage) can last a long time, they do not last forever and have not undergone preservation techniques. Usually, they last around 6 months until they start turning brown.

Similar to taking care of a preserved rose, the steps to extend their lifespan is to protect them from these elements – sunlight, heat, moisture.


Can I change my order after submitting it?

Items that are already dispatched for delivery cannot be changed. Hence, please do notify us at within 24 hours from time of purchase. 

While we strive to ensure we satisfy each and every one of your requests, order changes are also subject to availability.


What should I do if I have entered the wrong address or contact number?

Please kindly inform us as soon as you can.

Any changes in the delivery address, date or time after the transmission of your order through the Site may be subject to additional charges of S$25.00.

Unsuccessful deliveries due to inability to contact the recipient may be re-delivered subject to Bloom Studio’s discretion and subsequent charges.

What if no one is around to receive the order?

Bloom Studio reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the delivery. Subsequent re-deliveries will be subject to additional charges of S$25.00.

More information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Do you deliver on public holidays?

Yes! We deliver Mondays to Sundays, Public Holidays included!

Do you deliver on the same day?

Yes. Same day delivery is available and is also free!

What if there are missing/wrong items when I receive my order?
For missing or items that have been wrongly delivered, kindly contact us at with your order number.
We will reply your query within the same day.
Are there any delivery limitations?
Bloom Studio offers free delivery islandwide except for the following places:
Sentosa Island 
Jurong Island
Army Camps
There will be an additional charge of S$30 for delivery to these areas. This option will be available upon checkout.
Do you accept exchanges or refunds of goods?
Bloom Studio reserves the right to perform an exchange, but is not obligated to do so. Refunds are strictly not allowed.
For defective items, kindly write in to us with your order number and attach a photo of defect. 
Exchanges will be done solely at the discretion of Bloom Studio, and our team will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that exchanges are only allowed for products of the same or lower value. Bloom Studio will not refund the balance if a product of a lower value is chosen.

If your questions are not answered here, kindly contact us through email. We will be happy to help!