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Flowers have played an important part in everyone’s lives in many ways. Not only are they beautiful, they also bring color to your day whenever. Floracent specializes in bringing that color to your life, through the gift of their preserved flower domes. Their Preserved Flower Domes are handcrafted in-house and it is one of a kind.

Floracent believes that the gift of flowers need not be only for special occasions, and that they should be wallet-friendly. While ensuring affordability, their promise is to never compromise on their product’s quality. If you are looking for a floral gift for your loved one, a home decor piece, or a keepsake for your wedding day, www.Floracent.com is definitely the florist to go to. Note that Floracent is a Singapore based online florist, hence they do not have a physical store.

Product Selection

Unlike other mainstream florists in Singapore, Floracent offers a different variety of flowers. That is, Preserved Flowers. Their products comprise of mostly everlasting Preserved Flower arrangements. Potted plants and flower domes are what you can expect yourself to find at floracent.com.

Their cheapest preserved flower dome starts from S$58. The “Midnight” collection is a charming and cool arrangement. It comes with warm white lighting and an On/Off switch to further bespeak its beauty. Accompanied by other everlasting dried flowers like Hydrangeas and Baby’s Breath, it’s beauty is truly breathtaking.

floracent preserved dome midnight red

You can choose to customize your own Preserved Flower Domes. All you have to do is email them at hello@floracent.com for discussion.

Placing Orders

You can only place your orders via their website, www.floracent.com. The ordering process is simple. Simply select your choice of product, include a personal message and select “add to cart”. Next, Select your delivery date and time and proceed to checkout. At the checkout page, enter your shipping and billing information and voila!

Do note that cancellation of orders are not allowed once your order has been confirmed.


Floracent provides free delivery for orders above S$40. Conversely, a S$15 charge is levied for orders below S$40. Also, there are certain locations whereby they are unable to deliver to. For instance: Military Camps, Airports, Restricted Areas, High Security areas and more. To find out more please visit floracent.com

Deliveries follow their strict schedules hence Floracent does not accept specific delivery timings. In addition, as Floracent is an online florist self collection is not available. Similarly, deliveries on Sundays are unavailable.

Payment Options

Prices stated on Floracent.com are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Upon checkout, you can choose to pay for your order via Paypal, or Credit Card. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

Once your order is successfully placed, an email confirmation will be sent to you.

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