Giving Second Chances

giving second chances to stray dogs

There are numerous animal shelters in Singapore with only one purpose, giving second chances to stray dogs who do not have a home. Many of these shelters are facing risks of closing down, caused by the challenge in providing a large amount of land space for these stray animals in a land scarce city. Running these shelters are costly, and majority of the overhead costs goes to rental, food and healthcare. As not-for-profit organisations, many shelters have debts they are unable to cope with. And this leaves them with no choice but to close down. 

Due to the nature of high costs of providing shelter to these animals, there are limitations as to how many animals a shelter can home. If none of the existing animals are adopted, there will not be any space to home another. With harsh living conditions in the open, many are left with open wounds and infections which require immediate medical treatment.

They say love conquers all; but the difficulty to keep that faith goes unmentioned. Even for those whom are open to adoption, older dogs are usually left unnoticed. The fact that they are more prone to acute health issues and complications, many potential owners leave them out of their selections to prevent spending unnecessary costs as compared to a younger and more adorable puppy. Older dogs are also harder to re-home as the process might cause them undue stress.

In addition, many people find that these older dogs require too much time and effort, and these inevitable factors render them less “adoptable”.

Regardless, don’t these dogs deserve the same amount of love as any other?

stray dogs with no where to go

What Happens To Them?

So where do all the animals in the shelter go once the shelter has not enough capacity to fit another, or worse, eventually closes down?

The hundreds of animals are left with nowhere else to go, but back to their lives as strays or learn to become one. Some of whom were once loved and happy in a home, but abandoned by irresponsible owners.

The tireless work put in by animal shelters and rescue organisations has only one purpose. And that is to provide these stray animals a second chance at life. Here at Bloom Studio and as pet owners ourselves, we understand and sympathize with this cause. Without the good Samaritans who work day and night, the lost and abandoned animals will not get to find loving homes or receive adequate medical attention, leaving many to die on the streets.

The cost of sponsoring a dog is usually over a $100 a month, and below $100 for cats. This fee is actually chargeable for all who brings in a stray or former pet. But, not many keep up with this payment, leaving the debt burden to be carried by the animal shelters.

How Can We Help?

We want to help them with their financial burden. So, with every purchase made at Bloom Studio, 5% of our sales profits will be donated to our partnered animal shelters. What are you waiting for? Head over to our shop and start contributing to our cause now!

Even if you do not wish to contribute through a purchase, we urge you to make a donation and give these animals a second chance in life. Let’s do everything we can for our furry friends. Everyone deserves to be given a second chance.


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