Order your flowers in 5 minutes!

The ordering process is relatively simple whether you order via your desktop or mobile phone. All it takes is 5 minutes! Follow our 4 step guide below. 

DEtailed Instructions

Step One: Pick A Product

Visit our Online Store 

Browse through our catalog and select your preferred preserved flower curation here. You can choose to view products by color here.

For mobile users, click “FILTER” at the top of your screen.

Once you have a desired product in mind, click “Add To Cart”

Step Two: Checkout

Once you are ready, click on the cart icon at the top-right hand corner of your screen, followed by “Checkout


Proceed to fill in your own personal details under ‘BILLING’.  If you are delivering to another recipient, you can choose to leave out your own address to save time.

However, most importantly do not forget to provide us your e-mail and contact number. This is important to us should there be a need to contact you urgently.

Next, select your delivery date and delivery time slot. To find out more on our delivery procedures and policies, click here!

Step Three: Pay
  • Fill in your credit/debit card details
  • Opt for “Save card details for next time” for hassle-free future purchases with us!
  • Tick “Billing Address same as shipping address” if you are the intended recipient of the purchase. 
  • Click on “Continue”
Step Four: Success!

Double check that the Shipping Details, Delivery Method, and Payment are entered correctly.

Tick the Terms & Conditions box, and press “Place Order”

Voila! You will receive an e-receipt order confirmation via the e-mail you have provided. Now, sit back and wait for your flowers to arrive!