The Significance Behind Each Number Of Roses

Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Graduations and many more occasions all require a staple, and that is flowers.

We all know that each flower speaks their own language, and when it comes to gifting for a special occasion, there’s no other that manifests romance and passion like roses do. Roses have a long and colorful history dating back to almost 35 million years ago! They come in different colours and variety, each carrying their own meaning.

For example, Red roses classically signifies love, Pink roses convey happiness and adulation, while White roses represents innocence and purity.

The language of flowers, also known as Floriography, originated in Asia and the Middle East. In older times, flowers could even be used to answer questions! For instance, by simply handing over the flowers with your right hand, it expresses a “Yes” answer, and if it is done with your left hand, the answer is “No”.

Did you know that the number of roses you once gave or received has their own hidden meaning too?

Thus to better help you understand these meanings, Bloom Studio Singapore has the perfect guide which explains what each number of roses signify.

Significance behind each number of Rose

1 Rose – It was Love at first sight, or “You are my only one”

2 Roses – “I am deeply in love with you”

3 Roses – Commonly gifted as a third month anniversary gift to say, “I love you”.

4 Roses – “Nothing will come between us”

6 Roses – Perfect way to confess, “I want to be yours”

7 Roses – Infatuation

8 Roses – Is your special someone going through tough times? Eight roses is perfect to show your support and care for them.

10 Roses – “You are perfect to me”

11 Roses – Heartfelt expression of “You are my treasured one” or “I am incomplete without you”

12 Roses – Ask that special one, “Be Mine”

13 Roses – If presented in the number 13, it can either symbolize eternal friendship or a secret admirer.

14 Roses – “I am very proud of you”

16 Roses – Bid “Bon Voyage”

18 Roses – Compliment your loved one, “Stay Young and Beautiful”

19 Roses – “I will wait for you”

21 Roses  – Prove your commitment to your loved one.

24 Roses – Tell someone you miss them, “You’re always on my mind”

25 Roses – A wish for them to have all the happiness in the world.

30 Roses – Loyalty and Faithfulness.

36 Roses – Three dozen means, “I’m head over heels in love with you”

40 Roses – Express your truthiness and sincerity by saying, “My love for you is genuine”

50 Roses – Akin to a mother’s love, “My love for you is unconditional”

66 Roses – As the song goes, “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you”

77 Roses – “You are my soul mate”

88 Roses – To apologize with great remorse and say “I am sorry”

99 Roses – As cliche as it sounds, it means “I will love you till the day I die” In Chinese, nine or 九 (Jiu), is also a homonym of long-lasting.

Whew, quite a lot to take in isn’t it! Fret not, as Bloom Studio has helped to summarize 15 of the more popular number of roses our customers have chosen. We believe this will serve as a guide with your purchase. 

Summarized Guide

significance behind each number of roses gifted

Above all, with this little nugget of wisdom, what are you waiting for? Click here to shop for the right number of roses now!

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